4240 DMC Colour Variation Threads

4240 Summer Night

  • 4240 DMC Colour Variation Threads

    - Unique delicious colours
    - DMC 6-strand embroidery thread
    - 100% cotton thread
    - DMC guaranteed colour consistency and continuity.
    - Fade resistant, no bleeding, Colourfast.
    - Each thread a gentle blend of Color Variations
    - No harsh contrasts. Colour blends gently and seamlessly one into another.
    - Each Color Variations thread is a soft blend of several DMC colours.

    DMC Colour Variation threads Allow for modern, contemporary designs with fewer colours yet great appeal. Ideal for cross stitching texts, samplers, borders, silhouettes and more. Unique designs. No two stitched pieces are the same. Fun and faster stitching thanks to fewer colour changes and innovative designs.